Mining and Earthmoving

VMS Contractors provides services to the Mining, Heavy Earth Moving & Government departments. Major clients past and present include Iluka Resources, Tronox mining, Water Corporation, Department of Transport, City of Busselton and FESA.
Dozer - Busselton
Dozer -South West
Loader -Dump Truck -Busselton
Excavator -Iluka -Capel WA
Grader -Bridgetown-Dam Building
Dump Truck -Excavator -S.West
Front End Loader - Iluka WA
Excavator -Bunbury-S.West
Excavators -Busselton WA
Haulage -S.West
Off road service truck -S.West
Service Truck - Busselton
Excavator -Dump truck -S.West
Excavator -Iluka Mine -Bunbury
Earthmoving -Busselton
Excavator -S.West
Loader -S.West
Earthworks- Busselton
Excavators -Busselton
Haulage - Busselton
Excavators -Iluka Mine-Bunbury
Earthmoving -Rehabilitation Tronox Mine
Excavators -Iluka Mine
Loader -Screening -Iluka Mine
LV Fleet -Iluka Mine
Watercart -Iluka MIne -Bunbury WA
Earthworks- Iluka mine Capel
Tractor -Tronox -Mid West
Earthworks-South West
Longreach excavators-South West
Dozer -Iluka mine Bunbury
Amphiroller-Iluka mine South west
Amphiroller-Iluka mine Bunbury
Tractors -Tronox mine -Mid West
Tractor -Tronox -Mid West
Rescue trailer -Iluka Mine South West
Excavators -Busselton
Loader -Haulage -south west
Trucks -Haulage-WA
Tractor -Iluka Mine WA
Tractor-Tronox Mine -Mid West
Tractors - Tronox -WA
Longreach excavators-South West
Earthmoving -Busselton
Earthmoving -southwest
Earthworks -laydown Iluka mine Bunbury
Earthmoving -southwest
Earthmoving -South west
Grader-earthmoving -south west
Road Maintanace South West